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Teo.ltAbout TeoFor the MediaPress Releases2010From May, the ZEBRA broadband Internet will be up to four times faster

From May, the ZEBRA broadband Internet will be up to four times faster

Starting from the 1st of May, TEO LT, AB, the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services in Lithuania, will increase the speed for residential customers of broadband DSL Internet services. For the majority of the ZEBRA Internet users, the speed of the Internet connection in Lithuania will be increased by up to 4 times, while the international bandwidth – even by up to 8 times.
Starting from May, the speed of the “Premium Plus” plan will be up to 12 Mbps (Megabytes per second), “Optimal Plus” – up to 8 Mbps, “Basic Plus” – up to 4 Mbps, while the speed of the ZEBRA Internet plan “Start” will be increased up to 1 Mbps. The speed of 1 Mbps will also be available to users of the new payment plan “Para” (“Twenty-Four Hours“), which for the monthly fee of 9.90 litas allows access to the Internet 5 days per month. Further use of the plan will cost 2 litas per day.
From now on, the speed of the broadband Internet plans in Lithuania and abroad will be the same. “ZEBRA Internet users will have the possibility to download the information, photos and videos available on foreign servers at the same speed as those located on servers in Lithuania”, - Nerijus Ivanauskas, Chief Marketing Officer of Teo, said.
In March, Teo increased the speed of its Internet services for users of FTTH Internet services – for most of them the speed was increased by two times. For customers with particularly high demands on speed, Teo offered the fastest in Lithuania ZEBRA Internet plan “Mega FTTH”, the speed of which is 200 Mbps.
At the end of March, Teo Internet services were used by almost 320 thousand customers. About 74 thousand customers were using the next-generation fiber-optic Internet access. More information about the high-speed ZEBRA Internet –
The speeds of the ZEBRA broadband (DSL) Internet in Lithuania and abroad:
From 1 May
Before 1 May
Price (LTL/month)
“Premium Plus”
up to 12 Mbps
up to 10 / 6 Mbps
“Optimal Plus”
up to 8 Mbps
up to 4 / 2 Mbps
“Basic Plus”
up to 4 Mbps
up to 1 / 0,5 Mbps
up to 1 Mbps
up to 0,5 / 0,25 Mbps
“Twenty-Four Hours“
up to 1 Mbps
up to 1 / 1 Mbps
The speeds of the ZEBRA FTTH Internet in Lithuania and abroad:
Speeds in Lithuania / abroad
Price (LTL/month)
“Mega FTTH”
up to 200 / 80 Mbps
“Premium FTTH”
up to 100 / 40 Mbps
“Optimal FTTH”
up to 80 / 20 Mbps
“Basic FTTH”
up to 20 / 5 Mbps
“Twenty-Four Hours FTTH”
up to 10 / 1 Mbps
About TEO LT, AB
Teo provides integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services to residents and business. Having the largest experience in the telecommunications business in Lithuania, the Company pays exclusive attention to high quality of services and satisfaction of customer needs. More than 60 per cent of the Company’s shares are directly and indirectly owned by TeliaSonera AB (publ), one of the largest telecommunications corporations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. TEO LT, AB shares are traded on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius and London Stock Exchanges.


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