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Teo.ltAbout TeoFor the MediaPress Releases2011Teo will increase the speed of the ZEBRA FTTH Internet up to 300 Mbps

Teo will increase the speed of the ZEBRA FTTH Internet up to 300 Mbps


Starting from the 16th of May, TEO LT, AB, the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services in Lithuania, will increase the speed of the ZEBRA FTTH Internet up to 300 Mbps, and users will have the possibility to download the information available on Lithuanian and foreign servers at the same speed.


Teo will increase the Internet speed for residential customers without any additional fees.


From the middle of May, the speed of the "Premium FTTH" plan, intended for customers with high demands on speed, will be tripled up to 300 Mbps (Megabits per second), while the speed of the most popular plan "Optimal FTTH" - up to 100 Mbps. The speed of "Basic FTTH" will be doubled up to 40 Mbps (Megabits per second), while the speed of the plan "Para" ("Twenty-Four Hours"), which is intended for users who do not use the Internet a lot, will be up to 10 Mbps both in Lithuania and abroad.


Users of so far the fastest, 200 Mbps, ZEBRA Internet plan "Mega" will be offered the opportunity to use the plan "Premium FTTH".


FTTH Internet services provided by Teo, the company which has developed the most extensive telecommunications network in Lithuania, are available for use to about half of the country's population - 570 thousand households. Next-generation services are being developed at the fastest rate in the country's biggest cities - they are available for use to approximately 86 percent residents of Vilnius, 95 per cent residents of Klaipėda, 75 percent residents of Kaunas, more than half of Panevėžys and Šiauliai residents.


It is planned that this year Teo investments in the FTTH network, which is being expanded in fifty cities of Lithuania, will amount to more than LTL 70 million. Total investments in the next-generation FTTH network, which has been expanded for four years, will by the end of 2011 exceed LTL 325 million.


The FTTH network is being actively developed also in business centres and office buildings - by the end of 2012 leading-edge technologies will become available to businesses and organizations, which have their offices in more than one thousand office buildings and business centres.


According to the data released by the FTTH Council Europe, Lithuania is the country which deploys fiber-optic Internet technologies at the fastest rate in Europe. At the end of 2010, fiber-optic Internet access was used by approximately 23 per cent residents of Lithuania - almost twice as much as in Sweden, Norway and Slovenia, which, according to the published rating, take positions from 2 to 4.


More information about the ZEBRA FTTH Internet and the new payment plans -


FTTH Internet plan

Current speeds

 (in Lithuania/abroad)

Speeds from 16 May 

(in Lithuania/abroad)

Price (LTL/month)

Premium FTTH

up to 100/40 Mbps

up to 300  Mbps


Optimal FTTH

up to 80/20 Mbps

up to 100 Mbps


Basic FTTH

up to 20/5 Mbps

up to 40 Mbps


Twenty-Four Hours FTTH

up to 10/1 Mbps

up to 10 Mbps


About TEO LT, AB

Teo provides integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services to residential and business customers in Lithuania. Having the largest experience in the telecommunications business in Lithuania, the Company pays exclusive attention to high quality of services and satisfaction of customer needs. About 68 per cent of the Company's shares are directly and indirectly owned by TeliaSonera AB (publ), operating in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia. TEO LT, AB shares are traded on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius Stock Exchange.

For more information, please contact:

Antanas Bubnelis, Press Officer, TEO LT, AB

Tel. +370 5 236 7537, mob. tel. +370 615 83 854, e-mail:



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